Submission to the Financial Sector Policy Branch, Department of Finance Canada on Strengthening Canadian’s Retirement Security – Proposals to Support the Sustainability of and Strengthen the Framework for Federally Regulated Private Pension Plans
January 2021
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Lord Sales, Justice of the UK Supreme Court: “Directors’ duties and climate change: Keeping pace with environmental challenges”

Lord Sales, Justice of the UK Supreme Court addressed the  Anglo-Australasian Law Society, Sydney, August 27, 2019 on the need for effective climate governance. A full copy of his address: Directors’ duties and climate change:Keeping pace with environmental challenges can be downloaded.

In his speech, Lord Sales quoted Dr. Janis Sarra and Professor Cynthia Williams’ Time to Act report as follows:

This kind of tailored approach to corporate disclosure and reporting on environmental issues, amongst other environmental, social and governance factors, has been promoted by leading academics in Canada, Dr Jana Sarris and Professor Cynthia Williams, in a paper of January 2019 entitled “Time to Act”.36 The idea would be to require specific reporting, with the relevant legislation or a supplementary best practice code providing clear parameters for which aspects of environmental impact should normally be covered. Examples include reporting on supply chain management, corporate waste disposal, company investment profiles, environmental impact assessments for major projects, and energy consumption.

36 See Dr Janis Sarra and Prof Cynthia Williams, “Time to Act – Response to questions posed by the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance on Fiduciary Obligation and Effective Climate-related Financial Disclosures” (26 January 2019).