Our Climate Governance Experts

The Canadian Climate Governance Experts Initiative is aimed at effective governance of climate-related financial risks and opportunities. Our Experts are offering their time, free of charge, to corporate boards and pension fund boards, to share the latest insights regarding the duties of directors, officers, pension and investment fiduciaries in Canada. In order to tailor presentations to boards, they first meet with the CEO to discuss issues particular to the sector, prior to the in-camera conversation with the board discussing effective climate governance.  Our Experts include lawyers, accountants, capital markets experts, company executives, and governance experts. We can assist in helping to match the most effective Experts to your organization.

Meet our Climate Governance Experts

Let’s connect!  Contact our Director, Juvarya Veltkamp, veltkamp@allard.ubc.ca with a request for a specific speaker, or to ask about the best person to come speak to your board.