Canadian Credit Union Association Director Training: How climate regulations & standards are shaping up in 2023

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October 25, 2023 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (PT) Toronto, ON

Many credit unions are focused on climate regulation, reporting, and action. In 2022, we saw the introduction of significant climate-related reporting standards, including proposals out of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the International Sustainability Standards Board. Those standards are expected to join other existing disclosure rules and practices around the world. As stakeholders are demanding climate accountability, transparency, and action, market shifts are likely to accelerate despite macro-economic and geopolitical headwinds.

In this session, Laura Zizzo and Emile Lavergne from Manifest Climate will cover the latest updates on climate regulation and reporting globally and offer tips, including the use of Manifest Climate’s solution, to help credit unions navigate their future climate risks.

Registration includes 1-month trial access to the Manifest Climate Platform.

Canadian Credit Union Association Members Registration: $399

Pay as you go: $479

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