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Oct 20th, 2021

Fiduciary Duties and Climate Change in the United States

Our understanding of climate change has evolved from an “ethical, environmental” issue to one that presents foreseeable financial and systemic risks (and opportunities) over mainstream investment horizons. This evolution has substantially changed the relevance of climate change to the governance of corporations. A critical corollary of that evolution is that there are implications for the […]

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Oct 14th, 2021

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) – 2021 Status Report

The latest TCFD status report describes progress on climate-related disclosure and TCFD implementation efforts, insights, and challenges. “Since the release of the 2020 TCFD status report, over 1,000 additional organizations have pledged support for the TCFD recommendations. As of October 6, 2021, the Task Force had over 2,600 supporters globally, including 1,069 financial institutions, responsible […]

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Oct 4th, 2021

Directors’ Liability and Climate Risk White Paper on India

Climate change as a material financial riskClimate change has garnered significant attention given that it poses a serious challenge to sustainable development. No longer is it merely within the domain of voluntary conduct on the part of corporations. Instead, it is a material financial risk that corporations encounter, thereby imposing duties on the boards of […]

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Sep 7th, 2021

Legal Opinion – Directors’ obligations to consider climate change-related risk in India

The Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI) has commissioned a legal opinion, published today, by Mr. Shyam Divan, Senior Advocate, and Ms. Sugandha Yadav and Ms. Ria Singh Sawhney, Advocates, on directors’ duties and disclosure obligations regarding climate change. The legal opinion finds that: Directors must have regard to climate change-related risks in the course […]

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Sep 2nd, 2021

A Visual Conversation from South Africa: Climate Resilience and Hope for a Green Recovery Artist

As the world copes with two parallel catastrophic events—climate change and COVID-19, this article examines how visual art students in South Africa used the pandemic period to imagine a better world, a green economic recovery, and a closer connection with nature and biodiversity. The visual conversation that this new generation of artists created provides a […]

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Aug 19th, 2021

Climate-related Legal Risks for Financial Institutions: Executive Brief

Introduction Financial sector risk leaders, risk managers, and board risk committees are increasingly aware of climate-related legal risks to financial institutions. In  Canada, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) has identified liability risk as a source of climate-related financial risk facing deposit-taking institutions, insurance companies, and pension funds. These risks include regulatory […]

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