Who We Are

We are the Canada Climate Law Initiative. Our mission is to enable Canadian directors, executives, policymakers and regulators to confidently and swiftly lead Canada through a net-zero emissions transition.We do this by generating and mobilizing robust legal research, knowledge, and resources on effective climate governance.

About Us

The Canada Climate Law Initiative is Canada’s climate governance knowledge mobilization and policy hub. Using our academic rigour and active partnerships, we bring together knowledge, leading practice, and trusted insights to advise Canadian businesses and governments on how to respond to today’s urgent climate risks and opportunities through effective climate governance.

Our Story

The transition to a net-zero economy requires that businesses realign their business strategies to prepare for risks or take advantage of opportunities associated with climate change. Taking meaningful action also requires that a business sets measurable goals and targets related to carbon emissions and other environmental indicators. These types of changes to a business’ strategy and direction require the Board of Directors (or trustees) to provide oversight, engagement and leadership and to understand their evolving fiduciary obligations as they relate to climate change.

CCLI was founded with a profound desire to accelerate Canada’s transition to a net-zero economy. Since our inception in 2017, we have:

We aim to elevate the voices of Canadian experts that also believe effective climate governance is key to achieving Canada’s objective of a net-zero carbon emissions economy by 2050.