July 1, 2020

Application Guidance for Climate-Related Disclosures

Despite much progress in climate-related disclosure, many contend that more work is needed to ensure that reporting on material climate-related issues is of sufficient quality and detail to support decision-making by investors and others. The current standard of mainstream reporting on climate risks and opportunities means that there is an information deficit for investors and other decision-makers. This shortfall in high quality, decision-useful material climate information means that investors are unable to make the capital allocations that can drive change across economies and societies.

The Climate Guidance is designed to complement the CDSB Framework and other frameworks, codes, and recommendations that are aligned with some or all of the requirements of the CDSB Framework. This guidance offers companies a means of developing their reporting practices and ensuring that investors are receiving the material climate-related information needed for efficient and effective capital allocation to drive the transition to a just, low-carbon economy.