May 6, 2021

Driving Board Value in Changing Times

The stakes for board directors have never been higher. Organizations are facing an onslaught of new pressures driven by powerful stakeholders, changing social and environmental expectations, and the risks associated with unprecedented levels of transparency. At the same time, boards are increasingly expected to provide effective oversight while delivering tangible value.

This program focuses on new expectations and opportunities for board directors in three key areas: finance, risk and governance. Explore key regulatory, investor and social trends shifting expectations of board directors and committees. Build your capacity to adapt more quickly to rapidly evolving situations. Amplify your impact at the board table, while protecting the organization and enhancing corporate performance.  

Each day of this two-day program includes two facilitator-led online modules in real time, with ample breaks provided. Sessions are highly interactive, enabling you to hear from experienced guest presenters, network and brainstorm ideas with your peers, and engage in capacity-building reflection exercises.