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BC Lawyers ask Law Society to help legal profession prepare for and mitigate climate change
May 8th, 2023

The devastating impacts of the climate crisis in British Columbia and around the world have highlighted the urgent need for action across all sectors of society, including the legal profession. Lawyers and legal organizations have a critical role to play in dealing with climate change by providing legal expertise to respond to climate-related risks and opportunities, develop policies, regulations, and laws that address climate change, and advocate for climate action within their own organizations and the broader community.

New report offers bank directors guidance on effective governance for Canada’s transition to a net-zero economy
Oct 20th, 2022

Banking on a Net-Zero Future: Effective Climate Governance for Canadian Banks provides a comprehensive guide to the current state of the law, the risks and opportunities associated with climate change for the financial sector, best practice guidance developed in Canada and globally on oversight and governance, and a snapshot of the kinds of decisions bank boards are making on their pathway to net-zero emissions.

Protecting Pensions: Effective Governance of Climate and ESG Risks
Aug 9th, 2022

Pension plans across Canada have been increasing their focus on socially responsible investing away from systemic risks. The author presents the potential financial advantages and challenges pension fund fiduciaries face when managing assets and influencing positive change in the uncertain future.

Canada’s balancing act on climate disclosure rules
Jul 24th, 2022

Keeping an eye on Europe’s progress, as we wait on the SEC to finalize its set of standardized rules for investors.