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Jul 18th, 2023

Looking down the road: Climate-related risks for road transportation in Canada

British Columbia

Gideon Odionu

PhD Student, University of British Columbia

Gideon Odionu is a PhD student at Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia (UBC). Prior to commencing his doctoral studies at UBC, Gideon obtained his LLM degree from the University of Saskatchewan, where he was also a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Graduate Research Assistant, and Graduate Students’ Representative at the Faculty Council. Gideon is a 2020 UBC Sustainability Scholar. His broad research interests include international investment law, development, international law and the Global South. Gideon’s current PhD research addresses the tension between three policy goals that are shared by most contemporary governments: encouraging investment, mitigating climate change and achieving sustainable development. Fundamentally, his research seeks to identify international and domestic legal tools for integrating sustainable development into investment law so that foreign investment supports ─ or at least does not impede ─ the fight against climate change. This challenge is global in scope and highly relevant to the Global South. His PhD research supervisor is Professor Stepan Wood.