Peter Spiro

Lawyer, Spiro Law Professional Corporation

Peter Spiro is both a lawyer and an economist, with many years of experience studying environmental policy issues. He has a strong personal commitment to environmental sustainability. His current legal work focuses on class actions, and he is Counsel on that topic to Monkhouse Law. He is undertaking research on ways to increase the effectiveness of class actions as a tool to use against environmental torts.

Peter previously headed the group responsible for analyzing the economic impacts of climate change at the Ontario Ministry of Finance. He continued work on this issue with research projects at the Mowat Centre of the Munk School at the University of Toronto. He has also done extensive research on the economic impacts of alternative tax policies. He has been frequently cited for his analysis of tax evasion and the underground economy. A paper he co-authored on taxation policy won the award for the best writing undertaken for the Canadian Tax Foundation in 2015.

He has post-graduate degrees in economics from the University of Toronto and University of Chicago, and a JD from Osgoode Hall Law School.