June 29, 2023

Reflections on Connecting Canada’s Climate Policy Network

This book represents an initial step to mapping the layers of Canadian climate policy activities across government, industry, and civil society. Its guiding presumption is that such mapping will help align efforts to decarbonize. A consensus point among all authors is that new alliances need to be forged, and old ones need to be refreshed, strengthened, and broadened. Such allyship will prove essential to supporting efforts to combat climate change, galvanizing and prioritizing support for the global transition to carbon-neutrality.

When climate change actors can find ways to better coordinate, they will build the sort of networked institutional thickness that can effect directed change while standing as a formidable fail-safe to policy backslide when tough choices require commitment. Our book offers direction toward such institutional thickness within climate governance, a thickness that can ensure that meaningful decarbonization occurs. It does so by offering a glimpse into how policy actors, including self-empowered individuals, can protect tomorrow from the perils of the present.