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Nov 9th, 2023

Sustainable Finance Forum: Capital is ready to flow towards communities and green solutions, but we need better policy guidance

Sep 14th, 2023

Rising to the challenge: The imperative of businesses to understand and act on climate

Jun 9th, 2022

Canada’s financial sector could face climate trouble, unless we implement a policy solution

Aug 23rd, 2021

Directors and officers need to be climate competent to tackle new climate challenges


Sonia li Trottier

Director, Canada Climate Law Initiative

Sonia li is the Director of the Canada Climate Law Initiative (CCLI). She leads CCLI’s strategic planning, partnerships, and board program. She works closely with C-level executives, corporate directors, and pension fiduciaries to support our board program. She also oversees the budget and fund management. Previously serving as Communications Manager, Sonia li has led CCLI’s communications strategy, activities, and messaging, and created CCLI’s Knowledge Hub for corporate directors and pension fiduciaries. She has also supported the Director and Principal Co-Investigators with CCLI policy work, project management, and various operational and administrative tasks. Prior to joining CCLI, she worked in communications and community engagement for a fintech holding company and a digital asset exchange based in Thailand. She also worked for the Global Green Growth Institute in Jordan as well as for Greenpeace Southeast Asia in Thailand.

Sonia li holds a BA in International Relations and International Law at the Université du Québec à Montréal and an MSc in Environment at the Université de Montréal.