Policy Recommendations

We make informed policy recommendations to regulators and other institutions at the provincial and federal levels. Here is a list of our submissions to policymakers.

Jan 7th, 2021

Consultation on Strengthening Canadians’ Retirement Security

The Financial Sector Policy Branch, Department of Finance Canada opened a public consultation on Canadian’s pension plans to support the sustainability of and strengthen the framework for federally regulated private pension plans. We submitted a letter of policy recommendations in January 2021.

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Jan 26th, 2019

Time to Act: Response to questions posed by the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance on Fiduciary Obligation and Effective Climate-related Financial Disclosures

The Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance has been commissioned by the Canadian Government to determine how best to generate sustainable finance, a significant challenge given the carbon intensity of Canada’s economy. The Expert Panel has defined sustainable finance as capital flows, risk management activities and financial processes that assimilate environmental and social factors as a […]

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