Getting Climate Change on the Board Agenda: Directors Share Their Strategies

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September 14, 2021 9:00 am - 10:00 am (PT) Virtual

Directors are increasingly aware that policymakers and regulators view management of climate-related financial risks as a core business issue. The question is how to get the board’s attention on issues facing the company or the sector in which it operates given the rapidly developing knowledge on physical and transition risks arising from climate change. The panel will share their insights and strategies for getting climate change on the board agenda, will discuss the legal obligations of directors in this respect, and will share principles and best practices that can effectively guide board decisions.

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12:00 – 12:05 Welcome & Introduction by Deborah Rosati

12:05 – 12:40 Moderated panel discussion with Poonam PuriJanis Sarra and Christie Stephenson. Moderated by Liane Langstaff

12:40 – 12:55 Q&A

12:55 – 13:00 Conclusion and Thank You by Deborah Rosati